McDavid Knee Support Strap Patella, One size

Reduserer smerte ved Jumpers/Runners knee problemer.

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Product Details:

REDUCE PAIN – Can help relieve symptoms from Patellar Tendonitis (Runner’s / Jumper’s Knee), Arthritis, Osgood-Schlatter Disease and ore.

CUSTOM-LIKE FIT  – Adjustable hook and loop closure for custom sizing and fitting. Fits both the left and right knee.

COMFORT – Innovative Tubular, non-slip buttress applies constant uniform compression at the patellar tendon.

IDEAL FOR ANY SPORT – Perfect for Walking, Running, Hiking, Soccer, Biking, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and more.

HSA/FSA Eligible



100% Latex-free 3.2mm Neoprene (CR) - Exclusive of binding/cover fabric.

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